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Magna-Latch and Hinges

If you need a magnetic safety latch for your gate, look no further than the Magna-Latch range of products that we have in stock.

And if it’s hinges or catches that you are after, check out the Tru-Close and Kwik-Fit hinge ranges & T Latch and LokkLatch ranges available here at Chaytor Fences.


MagnaLatch ALERT

MagnaLatch – ALERT Model

Magna-Latch – Alert Safety Gate Latch

The MagnaLatch® ALERT offers dual electronic warnings: bright, flashing LED lights, and an audible alarm that sounds if a gate is opened or left unlatched. So you can see at a glance, and hear from a distance, if your gate is not secured.
While the Top Pull model is ideal for all child safety applications, the shorter Vertical Pull model offers protection on pet security and general-purpose gates around the home and garden. A single beep upon opening warns of visitors or intruders.

The MagnaLatch® ALERT is the ultimate safety gate latch, and the ideal alert device for when you can’t turn your back for a second.
» Single ‘beep’ upon each gate opening
» Full alarm if gate is open 15 seconds
» At-a-glance ‘gate locked’ indicator
» Key lockable for added security
» 2-3 year battery life under normal operating conditions
» Easily replaceable Li-Ion battery

The perfect latch for early childhood education centres!

Magna-Latch Top Pull

Magna-Latch – Top Pull Model

Magna-Latch – Child Safety Gate Latch

Magna-Latch is the world’s #1 child safety gate latch, designed specifically for securing gates around swimming pools, home yards and child care centres, they use patented magnetic technology as well as super-strong ‘Permanent Magnets’ to eliminate the possibility of mechanical jamming while closing.

Magna-Latch® safety gate latches offer unprecedented reliability, safety and child resistance, and are suitable for mounting on gates of almost any material.
They are designed to last, guaranteed rust-free and backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

One of the most popular models we sell here at Chaytor Fences is the Top Pull Model.
The Top Pull Model has been especially designed for swimming pool gates but it can also be installed on any gate where child safety is important.

It’s designed to extend above the height of the fence to keep the release knob out of reach of children, and is also key-lockable for added safety.

Installation is simple, with vertical and horizontal adjustment of up to 37 mm allowing for quick and easy alignment on the gate as well as fine-tuning at any time to accommodate for gate sagging or movement over time.


Tru-Close Hinge

Tru-Close Hinge

Tru-Close Hinges

Tru-Close safety gate hinges are injection-moulded from super-strong, UV-stabilised glass-fibre reinforced materials for many years of reliable and rust-free performance.

Gates of different sizes and weights incur different loads, so the ability to adjust tension quickly is critical, especially in child safety situations. The unique, spring-loaded adjustor in Tru-Close hinges allows quick, incremental tension adjustment using only a screwdriver – it’s so easy!

The Tru-Close hinge range features a variety of sizes and designs, as well as Regular and extra-strong Heavy-Duty models for larger gates and high-traffic applications – all your options are covered.


KFP KwikFit Plain

KFP KwikFit Plain

Kwik-Fit Hinges

If you are after a hinge for a lightweight gate around the home, check out the new new KwikFit gate hinges.

Whether you are after a reliable, standard pivoting hinge or the convenience of a spring-loaded self-closing model, KwikFit has you covered.

Made using their proven glass-fiber molding technology, KwikFit hinges won’t rust, bind, sag or stain.

They also feature special fitting legs that make it easy to align the hinge on gate and fence corners. Screws then fix the hinge in place on two sides of the post and gate for even greater strength and security.

KwikFit hinges are quick to fit, will last a lifetime and represent great value!

KwikFit hinges are available in three formats, un-sprung, fixed-spring, and adjustable-spring.


"T" Latch

“T” Latch

“T” Latch

T-Latch® is a general purpose gate latch designed to replace conventional old-fashioned gravity latches.
This toggle-action gate latch is quick to install and is highly effective, with its pivot-style latch bolt toggle-action,
it automatically adjust for gate sag and ground movement.
» Toggle action automatically compensates for gate sag
» Fits all square posts & gate frames
» Adjustable vertically and horizontally
» Padlockable, with padlock storage feature, (padlock not included)
» Manufactured from super-strong engineering polymer and stainless steel components ensures no rust

T-latch can also be adjusted for additional vertical and horizontal adjustment,
making it arguably the most adjustable entry-level gate latch available.





The LokkLatch® is a quality, yet affordable, pedestrian gate latch for general-purpose gates around the home. The LokkLatch uses the gravity latch principle and combines the unique benefits of key-lockability and reliable latching action with superior design and rust-proof components.

LokkLatch also offers a high degree of versatility, as it is adjustable both vertically and horizontally to ensure proper fit and reliable operation. This latch is ideal for all square post gate and fencing materials as well as left or right hinged gates for easy installation.


Get in touch with the team at Chaytor Fences to discuss the best Magna-Latch and hinge models for your requirements.